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About 8×4 aluminium sheet

Internationally, it is customary to call aluminum materials with a thickness of 0.2mm or more, 500mm or less, 200mm width or more, and a length within 16m as aluminum sheets or aluminum sheets, aluminum foils below 0.2mm, and rows or strips within 200mm width ( Of course, with the progress of large equipment, there are more rows of materials with the widest width of 600mm). 8×4 aluminium sheet refers to an aluminum sheet with a width and length of 1220*2440 mm. This is a commonly used specification.

Classification of 8×4 aluminium sheet

According to alloy composition:
High-purity aluminum sheet (rolled from high-purity aluminum with a content of 99.9 or more)
Pure aluminum sheet (the composition is basically made of pure aluminum rolled)
Alloy aluminum sheet (composed of aluminum and auxiliary alloys, usually aluminum copper, aluminum manganese, aluminum silicon, aluminum magnesium, and other series)
Composite aluminum sheet or brazed plate (a special purpose aluminum sheet material is obtained through a variety of material composite methods)
Aluminum-clad aluminum sheet (a thin aluminum sheet is coated on the outside of the aluminum sheet for special purposes)
Divided by thickness: (unit mm)
(Aluminum sheet) 0.15-2.0
Conventional board (aluminum sheet) 2.0-6.0
(aluminum sheet) 6.0-25.0
aluminum sheet 25-200
Super thick board above 200
8x4 aluminium sheet

Use of 8×4 aluminium sheet

1. Lighting 2. Solar reflective sheet 3. Building appearance 4. Interior decoration: ceiling, wall, etc. 5. Furniture, cabinets 6. Elevator 7. Signs, nameplates, luggage 8. Interior and exterior decoration of automobiles 9. Interior decorations: such as Frame 10, household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc. 11. Aerospace and military aspects, such as China’s large aircraft manufacturing, spacecraft series, satellites, etc. 12. Mechanical parts processing. 13. Mold manufacturing. 14. Chemical industry/heat preservation pipe coating.

How many kilograms per square meter of 8×4 aluminium sheet?

Suppose it is an aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3 mm. First of all, the density of aluminum is 2.702g/cm³. According to the description, the volume of a 3mm thick aluminum sheet is: 100*100*0.3=3000cm³, 3000*2.702=8106g=8.16kg, that is to say, 3mm thick aluminum sheet, one square meter It weighs 8.16 kg. According to the same calculation method, the weight per square meter of aluminum sheet of other thickness can be obtained.

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